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Dear Friends,

   This year Leanne Payne will turn 80 years old, a milestone she never thought she would reach! After over forty years of ministry all over the world, as well as the writing she has so faithfully produced, she is now retired from active ministry. This means that she is no longer conducting the PCM Schools nor is she available to counsel or pray with people individually. She is so grateful to God that her books still reach a multitude of people each year with the good news of healing that is available to them. Many are healed and formed spiritually by simply reading and praying through the books. Others are ministered to through recordings from past PCM Schools, where the times of healing prayer are included along with the teachings. And yet there are many who still contact us to ask, &dlquo;Where can I go to receive the healing I read about?&drquo;

   As a result of the many Schools held over the years, faithful people around the world are carrying on this work. We want to mention here a few with which we are most familiar. They conduct training and healing seminars and programs similar in many ways to what PCM offered.

Gino and Cesli Vaccaro   Dr. Gino Vaccaro is the president of Ministries of Pastoral Care (MPC), a ministry that is carrying on the teachings of Leanne Payne. Leading and teaching alongside him are his gifted wife, Cesli, and Dr. Sarah Groen-Colyn, an accomplished psychologist from the Seattle area. Gino and Cesli are also clinical psychologists with a successful practice in and around Peoria, Illinois. Working together with them in leadership in the conference are both new and familiar speakers. The subject matter, team members, and healing prayer services continue much the same as they have been down through the years in PCM conferences. MPC hopes in time to take their Schools all over the world. This year MPC is particularly excited to welcome Andrew Comiskey from Desert Stream Ministries and Kim Jones from Knowing Him Better Ministries as guest speakers in this School. (More on Desert Stream Ministry below.) The MPC website is

Andrew Comiskey   Desert Stream Ministry started in 1980 as a result of Andrew Comiskey's journey out of homosexuality and into his true identity in Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Annette, responded to their pastor's call to start a biblically based healing/support group in West Hollywood for men and women seeking Jesus and healing of their sexual brokenness. The Living Waters program, developed as a church-based program to help people grow in wholeness and maturity, has been extremely successful, and Living Waters groups now exist all over the world. While the original vision for ministry was to the sexually broken, they now minister to all who seek relational wholeness. Their website is

Andrew Comiskey   Conlee and Signa Bodisbaugh have been working alongside Leanne since they came to Christ in 1972 (40 years!). They have ministered with Leanne in PCM schools from 1988 right up until the last conference in Holland in 2008. Aware of the great need for teaching and ministry in the body of Christ, they formed the ministry Journey to Wholeness in Christ in 1993 and conduct weekend healing schools in North America and Europe. Their web address is

In Canada Vina Sweetman has faithfully presented the message of wholeness and healing through her ministry Isaiah 40 Foundation.

One of Mrs. Payne’s particular joys has been to see how the teaching ministry of PCM has taken root and grown in European countries, particularly Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the UK. In Germany a strong leadership team led by Christiane Mack offers training and ministry in the tradition of PCM. The PCM website in German gives more information and contact details, In the UK several team members offer training and ministry: Lin Button through her ministry Healing Prayer School, and Gwen and Sandie Purdie through Lethem Christian Consultancy. In The Netherlands Martin Tensen and a number of Dutch team members offer training and ministry. Information can be found on the Dutch version of the PCM website,

Mrs. Payne’s books have been translated into many languages, and you can see what is available at Recordings have been made of past schools and a list of some that are available in English can be found here

It is such a blessing to Mrs. Payne to see this work go forward throughout the world. It is no small thing to offer such healing in these dangerously troubling times. Already in some countries it is illegal to say that homosexuality is sinful and that healing is available for those who seek Christ and His redemptive power. Please hold up these and like ministries in prayer, that they can continue to boldly proclaim the truth and offer the healing Word of God to those who are longing for it.

In Christ Jesus, our Lord,

Síle Ellison-NíChionna
Personal Assistant to Leanne Payne


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